Cutoffs: Semi-recent Woodcuts by Jake Ingram


This body of work began as a way to pass time at work and keep up with my printmaking practice after grad school. The size of each piece was dictated by using students’ discarded cutoffs from the wood shop at the New York Academy of Art. The smaller, oddly shaped blocks eventually led to the exploration of trying to carve full sheets of wood. Most of the blocks were carved between 2016-2020 but were never printed. This exhibition is just a small sampling of those blocks that have finally been finished.
Jake Ingram is a collaborative printer and artist working in Knoxville, TN. He received his BFA in drawing in 2012 from East Tennessee State University and his MFA in drawing with a concentration in printmaking in 2015 from the New York Academy of Art. He attended Tamarind Institute in 2017 and was awarded his Printer Training Certificate in 2018. He was one of two people selected to stay a second year as an apprentice and in 2019 he earned the designation Tamarind Master Printer. His interest lies in the synthesis of fine art and craft, therefore his personal work often involves printmaking and sewing. In addition to lithography, Ingram is trained in woodcut and intaglio. His work has been exhibited around the US and internationally. When not hanging out in the print shop you can find him hunting Jackalopes and Bigfoot.