Bryan Wilkerson


My studio practice is a constellation of activities; one work informing the next in cycles of radiating, perpetual motion. Ceramics and designing projects for the public sphere drive me, creating new in-roads to utilizing drawing, painting, video, emergent technologies, and radical visual communications strategies. My creativity is tied to mobility creating a work in constant progress.
Playing with humor and irony while exploring traditional pottery (as my foil, or audience plant), I’m designing a new universe, building a cast of whimsical characters that retain their functionality as usable vessels. As J.F. Sebastian offers in Blade Runner, “These are my friends. I make them”. Each object is uniquely sculpted and meticulously hand-painted after beginning its formation on a potter’s wheel. Collectible, kitschy, nostalgic, and completely foreign. My work often feels like a memory of an imaginary land you’ve never visited. A place where Frankenberry visits a world of yetis to the lingering sound of a nearby ice cream truck, it’s engine sputtering in the hot Tennessee sun. The rev of an engine, spinning pottery wheels, decals, spray paint, and sweat.